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A useless web page on the information super-collider AKA "The Inter-Web"

This is a page devoted to passwords, passcodes, keys, secrets, and general computer security related to hacking/cracking/computer-crime/"whatever" in movies and sci-fi flicks. At least two movies listed here are actually web-based movie-hype-sales-thingies so should not really count. Find "Movie Passwords" and "Movie related passwords" for common movies here. Movies reviewed appear in the list at the top. Movies to be reviewed are in the list at the end.

If you can think of another movie, e-mail me with the title and reason it is hacker cracker/security related. You can also notify me of mistakes if you wish! (I can include your correction along with your handle and/or e-mail address on the web page if you permit me.)

While this page contained reviews for all movies, this page became too large to be useful. This page has been broken-down into separate pages-- one for each movie:

Since copyright prevents me from scanning images and screen captures into images to be served on the web, I am trying my hand again with ASCII art to create my own impression of content. Please use your imagination when viewing the ASCII art - you will need it!

You will see movie titles as links listed in the far left column, and to the right of each title, you should see an IMDB link. The link with the name of the movie should take you to a page where you find my review of the movie for passwords, passcodes or interresting computer security issues. The link to the right of each movie should take you off my site to IMDB to permit you to review details about the movie.

Select a title to find computer security trivia in a movie:
23 - Nichts ist so wie es Scheint
23 - Nothing is as it Seems
(IMDB Lookup) Social Engineering, IP Address, Passwords ("password", "HighFlyer", more...), Trojan Horse, Backdoor
Akira (IMDB Lookup) Social Engineering
Antitrust (IMDB Lookup) *NIX shell, IP Addresses
Chain Reaction (IMDB Lookup) Username & Password(Maybe: POLCSIP7 & 1832/8251), Keycode (Used by Shannon to disable containment system: 999254
Enigma (IMDB Lookup) Crypto, Enigma, keys, Finite State Machine
GATTACA (IMDB Lookup) Biometrics
Ghost in the Shell (IMDB Lookup) Password(no chars echoed back)
Hackers (IMDB Lookup) Passwords("zxcvb", "GOD", "SEX", "god", "krmit"), Phone Numbers, Social Engineering, (Not covered: Lore)
The KGB, My Computer, and Me (IMDB Lookup) Tracking unauthorized users, usernames (sventek, hunter, jaeger, benson, hedges), reference to "KERMIT",
The Kingdom (Riget) (IMDB Lookup) Social Engineering, keypad passcode("31648")
Matrix (IMDB Lookup) ASCII Screen Capture, Web-hype contest passwords
The Net (IMDB Lookup) Password("BER5348833", "natoar23ae"), Apple Macintosh,Internet Chat, Telnet, IP Addresses (most invalid, but two valid), "virus", Sarcasim**
Ocean's Eleven (IMDB Lookup) partial key-code(????37), biometrics, physical security, video camera, key cards
The Pelican Brief (IMDB Lookup) Social Engineering
Pi (IMDB Lookup) "Ring -1" passcode (eliminate entropy- make all things predictable.)
The Recruit (IMDB Lookup) Biometrics (polygraph), PhotoID, Electronic Key, Keycode (3241)
Skyggen (Webmaster) (IMDB Lookup) Biometrics: (fingerprint, DNA), Physical Access
Swordfish (IMDB Lookup) "Torvolds" reference, "Crypto", IP Addresses, Password?("DATABASE QUERY") Web-hype contest passwords("nsa", "counter", "cipher", "elliptic", "prime", "enigma", "tempest", "symmetric", "vehona", "vernam")
TRON (IMDB Lookup) password ("717 - Bailey", "FREEDOM", "REINDEER FLOTILLA"), ASCII screen shot
U-571 / U571 (IMDB Lookup) crypto, enigma, keys, rotor settings, plaintext/ciphertext **Incomplete: will finish this later.
War Games / Wargames (IMDB Lookup) Passwords,/Keycodes/Launch Codes ("Joshua", "220040", "DL", "DLG2209TVX", "RONCTTL", "RONCTTLA", "PuBLIC", "HANDLE", "EFFORT", "POINTS", "DOUBLE", "PENCIL", "JOB 9515 VNS" or "J08 9515", "444666", "7KQ201", "McKittrick", and either "CPE1704TKS" ( or "CPE 1704 TKS") or "JPE 1704 TKS" or "JOB9515vns ( or "JOB 9515 VNS")), "phreaking", war-dialing, keypad passphrase, (more.)** There are several launch codes in this film, not just one.

My "to do" list of films to review later:

TITLE:                                     References/Requests
13TH FLOOR                                 1
2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY                      2
2010                                       -
A BEAUTIFUL MIND                           1
AI                                         2
AJNABEE                                    1
Alien                                      ?
Alien Resurection                          ?
Andromeda Strain                           -
Back to the Future                         ?
Bait                                       ?
Brainstorm                                 -
BREAKING THE CODE                          1
CHARLIE'S ANGELS                           4
Clear and Present Danger                   -
CLOAK AND DAGGER                           1
Conspiracy Theory                          ?
Copycat                                    ?
Deadly Web                                 ?
DEMOLITION MAN                             2
DEMON SEED                                 1
Die Hard                                   -
Die Hard 2                                 -
Disclosure                                 ?
DR. STRANGELOVE                            1
DUPLICATES                                 1
ENEMY OF THE STATE                         7
ENTRAPMENT                                 2
ERASER                                     1
Event Horizon                              ?
eXistenZ                                   2
FAIL SAFE                                  1
The Falcon and the Snowman                 ?
FERRIS BUELER'S DAY OFF                    2
FIFTH ELEMENT                              1
FREEDOM DOWNTIME                           1
GHOST                                      1
Gone in 60 Seconds (physical security and "digital keys" for cars)
GROSS POMTE BLANK                          1
INDEPENDENCE DAY                           2
I, Robot                                   1 (keycode cycle locker) (sent by..)
JAG: ARES                                  1
JAMES BOND: GOLDENEYE                      2
JOHNNY MNEMONIC                            3
Jumpin'g Jack Flash                        -
JURASSIC PARK                              2
LAWNMOWER MAN                              1 
Lawnmowerman 2                             -
LOOKER                                     1
Man Hunter                                 - (cell phone, crypto, hw)
MASTERMINDS                                1
MERCURY RISING                             7
METAL GEAR SOUND                           21
Metropolis                                 -
Minority Report                            ?
MISSION IMPOSSIBLE                         2
MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 2                       2
MOVING TARGETS                             1
NETFORCE                                   4
NO WAY OUT                                 1
OFFICE SPACE                               5
OMEGA CODE                                 1
OMEGA FORCE                                1
PEARL HARBOR                               1
REAL GENIUS                                2
Red Dragon                                 - (cell phone, crypto, hw)
ROBOCOP                                    1
ROSALIE GOES SHOPPING                      1
SAFE HOUSE                                 1
The Saint                                  ?
SCORE                                      4
SHORT CIRCUIT                              2
SILICON TOWERS                             1
SIXTH DAY                                  1
Small Soldiers                             ?
SNEAKERS                                   17
Spaceballs                                 1 (door code:12345 from:Ryan Nelson)
Spawn                                      -
SPEED                                      1
SPY GAMES                                  1
SUPERMAN                                   35
SUPERMAN III                               ?
Takedown / Cybertraque                     -
TERMINAL CHOICE                            1
TERMINAL COUNTDOWN                         1
The Terminator                             ?
TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY                 3
Three Days of the Condor                   ?
Tom Clancy's Net-Force                     ?
TORA, TORA, TORA                           1
TOTAL RECALL 2070                          2
TRUE LIES                                  2
Turbulance 3: Heavy Metal                  ?
Turk182                                    -
Under Siege 2                              ?
View to a Kill                             ?
VIRTUOSITY                                 1
WEIRD SCIENCE                              2
You've Got Mail                            ?

#=interest, -=added by me, ?=possibly dead-end