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Project ARS: People

In any large project, there is often a larger group of people who contribute to the success of the project. This is no exception. In this section, you will find Thank You messages to the many people who have been involved in this project. These people are the ones who helped make this project a success!
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A number of people have looked to offer their help in the positive progress of this project. They have selflessly sought to escape the limitations of their defined stations and to go further than their standard excellence to make this project work. I offer a huge thanks to everyone on this list.

This is not a complete list of all of the people involved on the project. This include those people I have met. I have tried to include the people in order of appearance on the project. (For those that may ask - I did meet Charles Schulz on a couple of occasions out at Fountain Grove Inn's Equus many, many, years ago, but have not had the pleasure of meeting his wife.)

  • Jean and Charles Schulz For the use of their name in our building, use of the name "Snoopy" for our Integrated Electronic Catalog, and their donations to the whole building project.
  • Cheryl Esch (SSU Library) For suggesting me to Sandra Walton as a candidate for work on this project, and lending us her truck many times to transport necessary equipment to the ARS.
  • Sandra Walton (SSU Library) For her patience in dealing with a techie (me) and her knowledge as applied to library's expected use of the ARS
  • Phil Huang (SSU Library Systems Department Coordinator) For encouraging me to work on this project and his support over the 18 months of this project
  • Bruce Walker (SSU Building Coordinator/Director) For all of his hard work in solving all of the problems we did not anticipate. From emergency network connections and phone lines, to specialized access to the ARS on a daily basis and delivery date/time-line conflict resolution
  • Susan Hagius (SSU Library Director) And Sandra Walton charged me with continuing to address this project in a more self-regulated or autonomous fashion.
  • Eric Willis (CSU Northridge Operating Systems Analyst and ARS Administrator) For all of his information on the ARS in helping us plan the use of our own ARS.
  • Andru Luvisi (SSU Library Systems Department Programmer) For his constructive criticism on additions to the RFP and design of the ARS.
  • Mike Marlowe (who is now working for http://www.daifukuamerica.com/ and can be reached at Mike_Marlowe@Daifukuamerica.com, but at the time was HK Systems: Senior Account Manager) Follow-up with supported systems and his professional work on this project
  • The entire UNLV Library Systems Department For their review of the process with HK Systems and their III Vendor.
  • Tracy Larson (HK Systems: Principal Engineer - Software) For his additions to the ARS Software as used by Yen Cheng Kang in our ARS software.
  • Barbara Butler (SSU Library Director) Allowing me to continue working on this project and parsing through all my long and wordy e-mail messages on this project and taking intervening actions to advance the project as necessary.
  • Mike Kiraly (SSU Library Administration) For dealing with the contract issues, and being on the ball with respect to noting impact on other services related to the operation of the ARS.
  • Floyd B. Roach (HK Systems: Project Manager) Project Manager for the SSU Project For his coordination of the project to make sure things ran smoothly and his desire to make this project work.
  • David B. Simpson (HK Systems: Systems Engineer) Systems Engineer for the SSU Project: has been pro-active and cooperative member to the achieving the goal of creating a functional system within time-lines. His thoughtful review of the system use from the patron perspective illuminated additional features to add to the III (Non HK Systems) side to help patrons access ars stored items.
  • Yen Cheng Kang (HK Systems: Principal Engineer-Software) Principal Software Engineer for the SSU Project: programmer with an eye for detail, and thought for the future designs. He has found bugs, fixed bugs, changed user interface to formats more desirable to us and took it upon himself to add in valuable features for us to more effectively use the system.
  • Marilyn Kamp (SSU Library: Circulation Manager) For her help in suggestions to changes in user interface modifications to make the system easier to use and understand, countless hours of reviews, supervising the mover's afternoon loads of the ARS.
  • Greg Tichava (SSU Library: Circulation and Re-shelving) For his help with the loading and supervision of the loading of bin dividers, training of employees, user interface testing, and supervising the mover's morning load of the ARS.
  • Mark Anderson & Phil Peterson (SSU Media Services) For making an exception in lending us equipment for our longer than 3 days trip to SLC, UT, and working with us to solve a minor technical problem while were were "out in the field."
  • Rick Stallworth (HK Systems: Hardware Engineer) For his setup and testing of the ARS that ensures we have a mechanically sound system ready for business. He has also provided a number of alternative solutions to some problems we faced in the early phases of system acceptance.
  • Beth Hoffman (III Employee: software and host interface testing) For her professionalism, and desire to make sure things worked. She pulled into the host interface testing the necessary resources to see the tests completed and passed.
  • Jerry Huff (III Employee: system integration/administration) For his technical expertise on the III Side of things in dealing with a necessary computer move, and addressing a potential problem with having 2 ARS Manager Servers on the ARS end of the host interface used by III on their server.
  • Harvey Delorm (SSU: Director of Engineering: Facilities Services) For directing the hardware support of the ARS, and offering the constructive criticism necessary to direct us in obtaining the best overall value for the university in contracts with HK Systems on support.
  • Terry Cheney (SSU: Facilities Services Engineer) For physically supporting the ARS without having attended the class offered by HK Systems on the use of their equipment. Terry was called into the project after other engineers attended a class on the maintenance of the ARS. In a 4 day period, Terry worked with Rick Stallworth (HK Systems) in an accelerated training program targeting people that learn fast. He has been providing the library and ARS with quick response times, and excellent service.
  • John Bond (SSU: Senior Director of Facilities Services) For his support of Harvey Delorum and his direction of maintenance of the ARS for meeting the university's goals.
  • Stan Rosenlof (HK Systems: Director of Customer Service) For outlining the various support options available to us in the unlikely event something in the ARS needs attention and discussing it with us in an open forum.
  • William G. Overton (William B. Meyer Incorporated: Vice President of Sales and Operations: Library Relocation Division) For being open to the projected move in accommodating the load of books and items into the ARS.
  • John Griffith (SSU: Entrepenurial Services): When Airborne did not deliver a package to the boiler plant, John made sure the package delivered to him made it to the ARS. He returned my phone call the first thing in the morning, and my return call brought him to send a student over to the building with the Terminal Server. Very fast!
  • For anyone else I have failed to include: it is not for lack of thanks, but lack of memory! (Please pardon my lack of thanks, for this paper is usually updated around 3:00am on the odd evening that I have spare time.) Please remind me of the work you volunteered to include with this project so I can properly include you in this list and the evolving story! I would feel bad to not include everyone that has worked so hard to help this project come together. This paper also goes to show that no one single person can be thanked for a job week done. everyone working together for the common goal make a project a success.

I feel compelled to offer yet another big thank you to all of the people above that have worked so hard with me on this project. Many problems were eliminated by the quick and careful responses offered by the many people on this project. Everyone listed has contributed to the project. Some people may not view their contribution as a large part of the project, but the absence of any one person would have created a void, and risked damaging the completion of this project. Thank you all!

Comments and/or suggestions?: Email me at: dugan@passwall.com

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