"/usr/src/linux-2.4.21" is a folder with a brand new kernel that was just unpacked. Nothing in this kernel has been altered, it is untouched.

## Since we have a brand new kernel, we make sure it is ready for us
##  and set to a common base state: (only doing this for brand new kernel:)
hoch:/usr/src/linux-2.4.21# make mrproper

## Now we copy a ".config" file from a kernel that we know works
##  for this machine:
hoch:/usr/src/linux-2.4.21# cp ../linux-2.4.20/.config ./.config

## Now we can configure this new kernel with "make oldconfig" to have it
##  skip options that we know work, and only stop on new or different
##  options:
##  (New or different options are in BOLD RED with larger font.)

hoch:/usr/src/linux-2.4.21# make oldconfig
rm -f include/asm
( cd include ; ln -sf asm-i386 asm)
/bin/sh scripts/Configure -d arch/i386/config.in
# Using defaults found in .config
* Code maturity level options
Prompt for development and/or incomplete code/drivers (CONFIG_EXPERIMENTAL) [Y/n/?]
* Loadable module support
Enable loadable module support (CONFIG_MODULES) [Y/n/?]
  Set version information on all module symbols (CONFIG_MODVERSIONS) [Y/n/?]
  Kernel module loader (CONFIG_KMOD) [Y/n/?]
* Processor type and features
Processor family (386, 486, 586/K5/5x86/6x86/6x86MX, Pentium-Classic, Pentium-MMX, Pentium-Pro/Celeron/Pentium-II, Pentium-III/Celeron(Coppermine), Pentium-4, K6/K6-II/K6-III, Athlon/Duron/K7, Opteron/Athlon64/Hammer/K8, Elan, Crusoe, Winchip-C6, Winchip-2, Winchip-2A/Winchip-3, CyrixIII/VIA-C3, VIA-C3-2) [Pentium-III/Celeron(Coppermine)]
Machine Check Exception (CONFIG_X86_MCE) [N/y/?]
Toshiba Laptop support (CONFIG_TOSHIBA) [N/y/m/?]
Dell laptop support (CONFIG_I8K) [N/y/m/?]
/dev/cpu/microcode - Intel IA32 CPU microcode support (CONFIG_MICROCODE) [N/y/m/?]
/dev/cpu/*/msr - Model-specific register support (CONFIG_X86_MSR) [N/y/m/?]
/dev/cpu/*/cpuid - CPU information support (CONFIG_X86_CPUID) [N/y/m/?]
High Memory Support (off, 4GB, 64GB) [off]
Math emulation (CONFIG_MATH_EMULATION) [N/y/?]
MTRR (Memory Type Range Register) support (CONFIG_MTRR) [N/y/?]
Symmetric multi-processing support (CONFIG_SMP) [Y/n/?]
Multi-node NUMA system support (CONFIG_X86_NUMA) [N/y/?] (NEW) ?

  Sorry, no help available for this option yet.

Multi-node NUMA system support (CONFIG_X86_NUMA) [N/y/?] (NEW) N 
Unsynced TSC support (CONFIG_X86_TSC_DISABLE) [N/y/?]
* General setup
Networking support (CONFIG_NET) [Y/n/?]
PCI support (CONFIG_PCI) [Y/n/?]
  PCI access mode (BIOS, Direct, Any) [Any]
ISA bus support (CONFIG_ISA) [Y/n/?]
PCI device name database (CONFIG_PCI_NAMES) [Y/n/?]
EISA support (CONFIG_EISA) [N/y/?]
MCA support (CONFIG_MCA) [N/y/?]
Support for hot-pluggable devices (CONFIG_HOTPLUG) [Y/n/?]
* PCMCIA/CardBus support
PCMCIA/CardBus support (CONFIG_PCMCIA) [N/y/m/?]
* PCI Hotplug Support
Support for PCI Hotplug (EXPERIMENTAL) (CONFIG_HOTPLUG_PCI) [N/y/m/?]
BSD Process Accounting (CONFIG_BSD_PROCESS_ACCT) [Y/n/?]
Sysctl support (CONFIG_SYSCTL) [Y/n/?]
Kernel core (/proc/kcore) format (ELF, A.OUT) [ELF]
Kernel support for a.out binaries (CONFIG_BINFMT_AOUT) [N/y/m/?]
Kernel support for ELF binaries (CONFIG_BINFMT_ELF) [Y/m/n/?]
  ELF binaries with a.out format interpreters or a.out libraries (CONFIG_BINFMT_ELF_AOUT) [N/y/?]
Kernel support for MISC binaries (CONFIG_BINFMT_MISC) [N/y/m/?]
Power Management support (CONFIG_PM) [Y/n/?]
  ACPI support (CONFIG_ACPI) [N/y/?]
  Advanced Power Management BIOS support (CONFIG_APM) [Y/m/n/?]
    Enable PM at boot time (CONFIG_APM_DO_ENABLE) [N/y/?]
    Make CPU Idle calls when idle (CONFIG_APM_CPU_IDLE) [N/y/?]
    Enable console blanking using APM (CONFIG_APM_DISPLAY_BLANK) [N/y/?]
    RTC stores time in GMT (CONFIG_APM_RTC_IS_GMT) [Y/n/?]
    Allow interrupts during APM BIOS calls (CONFIG_APM_ALLOW_INTS) [N/y/?]
    Use real mode APM BIOS call to power off (CONFIG_APM_REAL_MODE_POWER_OFF) [N/y/?]
* Memory Technology Devices (MTD)
Memory Technology Device (MTD) support (CONFIG_MTD) [N/y/m/?]
* Parallel port support
Parallel port support (CONFIG_PARPORT) [M/n/y/?]
  PC-style hardware (CONFIG_PARPORT_PC) [M/n/?]
    Multi-IO cards (parallel and serial) (CONFIG_PARPORT_SERIAL) [N/m/?]
    SuperIO chipset support (EXPERIMENTAL) (CONFIG_PARPORT_PC_SUPERIO) [N/y/?]
  Support foreign hardware (CONFIG_PARPORT_OTHER) [N/y/?]
  IEEE 1284 transfer modes (CONFIG_PARPORT_1284) [N/y/?]
* Plug and Play configuration
Plug and Play support (CONFIG_PNP) [Y/m/n/?]
  ISA Plug and Play support (CONFIG_ISAPNP) [Y/m/n/?]
* Block devices
Normal floppy disk support (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_FD) [Y/m/n/?]
XT hard disk support (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_XD) [N/y/m/?]
Parallel port IDE device support (CONFIG_PARIDE) [N/m/?]
Compaq SMART2 support (CONFIG_BLK_CPQ_DA) [N/y/m/?]
Compaq Smart Array 5xxx support (CONFIG_BLK_CPQ_CISS_DA) [N/y/m/?]
Mylex DAC960/DAC1100 PCI RAID Controller support (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_DAC960) [N/y/m/?]
Micro Memory MM5415 Battery Backed RAM support (EXPERIMENTAL) (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_UMEM) [N/y/m/?]
Loopback device support (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_LOOP) [Y/m/n/?]
Network block device support (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_NBD) [M/n/y/?]
RAM disk support (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_RAM) [M/n/y/?]
  Default RAM disk size (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_RAM_SIZE) [4096]
Per partition statistics in /proc/partitions (CONFIG_BLK_STATS) [N/y/?]
* Multi-device support (RAID and LVM)
Multiple devices driver support (RAID and LVM) (CONFIG_MD) [N/y/?]
* Networking options
Packet socket (CONFIG_PACKET) [Y/m/n/?]
  Packet socket: mmapped IO (CONFIG_PACKET_MMAP) [N/y/?]
Netlink device emulation (CONFIG_NETLINK_DEV) [N/y/m/?]
Network packet filtering (replaces ipchains) (CONFIG_NETFILTER) [Y/n/?]
  Network packet filtering debugging (CONFIG_NETFILTER_DEBUG) [Y/n/?]
Socket Filtering (CONFIG_FILTER) [N/y/?]
Unix domain sockets (CONFIG_UNIX) [Y/m/n/?]
TCP/IP networking (CONFIG_INET) [Y/n/?]
  IP: multicasting (CONFIG_IP_MULTICAST) [N/y/?]
  IP: advanced router (CONFIG_IP_ADVANCED_ROUTER) [N/y/?]
  IP: kernel level autoconfiguration (CONFIG_IP_PNP) [N/y/?]
  IP: tunneling (CONFIG_NET_IPIP) [M/n/y/?]
  IP: GRE tunnels over IP (CONFIG_NET_IPGRE) [M/n/y/?]
  IP: ARP daemon support (EXPERIMENTAL) (CONFIG_ARPD) [N/y/?]
  IP: TCP Explicit Congestion Notification support (CONFIG_INET_ECN) [N/y/?]
  IP: TCP syncookie support (disabled per default) (CONFIG_SYN_COOKIES) [N/y/?]
*   IP: Netfilter Configuration
Connection tracking (required for masq/NAT) (CONFIG_IP_NF_CONNTRACK) [N/y/m/?]
Userspace queueing via NETLINK (EXPERIMENTAL) (CONFIG_IP_NF_QUEUE) [N/y/m/?]
IP tables support (required for filtering/masq/NAT) (CONFIG_IP_NF_IPTABLES) [Y/m/n/?]
  limit match support (CONFIG_IP_NF_MATCH_LIMIT) [Y/m/n/?]
  MAC address match support (CONFIG_IP_NF_MATCH_MAC) [Y/m/n/?]
  Packet type match support (CONFIG_IP_NF_MATCH_PKTTYPE) [M/n/y/?]
  netfilter MARK match support (CONFIG_IP_NF_MATCH_MARK) [Y/m/n/?]
  Multiple port match support (CONFIG_IP_NF_MATCH_MULTIPORT) [Y/m/n/?]
  TOS match support (CONFIG_IP_NF_MATCH_TOS) [Y/m/n/?]
  ECN match support (CONFIG_IP_NF_MATCH_ECN) [M/n/y/?]
  DSCP match support (CONFIG_IP_NF_MATCH_DSCP) [M/n/y/?]
  AH/ESP match support (CONFIG_IP_NF_MATCH_AH_ESP) [Y/m/n/?]
  LENGTH match support (CONFIG_IP_NF_MATCH_LENGTH) [Y/m/n/?]
  TTL match support (CONFIG_IP_NF_MATCH_TTL) [Y/m/n/?]
  tcpmss match support (CONFIG_IP_NF_MATCH_TCPMSS) [Y/m/n/?]
  Unclean match support (EXPERIMENTAL) (CONFIG_IP_NF_MATCH_UNCLEAN) [N/y/m/?]
  Owner match support (EXPERIMENTAL) (CONFIG_IP_NF_MATCH_OWNER) [N/y/m/?]
  Packet filtering (CONFIG_IP_NF_FILTER) [Y/m/n/?]
    REJECT target support (CONFIG_IP_NF_TARGET_REJECT) [M/n/y/?]
  Packet mangling (CONFIG_IP_NF_MANGLE) [M/n/y/?]
    TOS target support (CONFIG_IP_NF_TARGET_TOS) [M/n/?]
    ECN target support (CONFIG_IP_NF_TARGET_ECN) [M/n/?]
    DSCP target support (CONFIG_IP_NF_TARGET_DSCP) [M/n/?]
    MARK target support (CONFIG_IP_NF_TARGET_MARK) [M/n/?]
  LOG target support (CONFIG_IP_NF_TARGET_LOG) [M/n/y/?]
  ULOG target support (CONFIG_IP_NF_TARGET_ULOG) [N/y/m/?]
  TCPMSS target support (CONFIG_IP_NF_TARGET_TCPMSS) [N/y/m/?]
ARP tables support (CONFIG_IP_NF_ARPTABLES) [M/n/y/?]
  ARP packet filtering (CONFIG_IP_NF_ARPFILTER) [M/n/?]
  The IPv6 protocol (EXPERIMENTAL) (CONFIG_IPV6) [N/y/m/?]
  Kernel httpd acceleration (EXPERIMENTAL) (CONFIG_KHTTPD) [M/n/y/?]
Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) (EXPERIMENTAL) (CONFIG_ATM) [N/y/?]
802.1Q VLAN Support (CONFIG_VLAN_8021Q) [N/y/m/?]
The IPX protocol (CONFIG_IPX) [N/y/m/?]
Appletalk protocol support (CONFIG_ATALK) [M/n/y/?]
* Appletalk devices
Appletalk interfaces support (CONFIG_DEV_APPLETALK) [N/y/?]
DECnet Support (CONFIG_DECNET) [N/y/m/?]
802.1d Ethernet Bridging (CONFIG_BRIDGE) [N/y/m/?]
CCITT X.25 Packet Layer (EXPERIMENTAL) (CONFIG_X25) [N/y/m/?]
LAPB Data Link Driver (EXPERIMENTAL) (CONFIG_LAPB) [N/y/m/?]
Acorn Econet/AUN protocols (EXPERIMENTAL) (CONFIG_ECONET) [N/y/m/?]
WAN router (CONFIG_WAN_ROUTER) [N/y/m/?]
Fast switching (read help!) (CONFIG_NET_FASTROUTE) [N/y/?]
Forwarding between high speed interfaces (CONFIG_NET_HW_FLOWCONTROL) [N/y/?]
* QoS and/or fair queueing
QoS and/or fair queueing (CONFIG_NET_SCHED) [Y/n/?]
  CBQ packet scheduler (CONFIG_NET_SCH_CBQ) [M/n/y/?]
  HTB packet scheduler (CONFIG_NET_SCH_HTB) [M/n/y/?]
  CSZ packet scheduler (CONFIG_NET_SCH_CSZ) [M/n/y/?]
  The simplest PRIO pseudoscheduler (CONFIG_NET_SCH_PRIO) [M/n/y/?]
  RED queue (CONFIG_NET_SCH_RED) [M/n/y/?]
  SFQ queue (CONFIG_NET_SCH_SFQ) [M/n/y/?]
  TEQL queue (CONFIG_NET_SCH_TEQL) [M/n/y/?]
  TBF queue (CONFIG_NET_SCH_TBF) [M/n/y/?]
  GRED queue (CONFIG_NET_SCH_GRED) [M/n/y/?]
  Diffserv field marker (CONFIG_NET_SCH_DSMARK) [M/n/y/?]
  Ingress Qdisc (CONFIG_NET_SCH_INGRESS) [M/n/y/?]
  QoS support (CONFIG_NET_QOS) [Y/n/?]
    Rate estimator (CONFIG_NET_ESTIMATOR) [Y/n/?]
  Packet classifier API (CONFIG_NET_CLS) [Y/n/?]
    TC index classifier (CONFIG_NET_CLS_TCINDEX) [Y/m/n/?]
    Routing table based classifier (CONFIG_NET_CLS_ROUTE4) [Y/m/n/?]
    Firewall based classifier (CONFIG_NET_CLS_FW) [Y/m/n/?]
    U32 classifier (CONFIG_NET_CLS_U32) [Y/m/n/?]
    Special RSVP classifier (CONFIG_NET_CLS_RSVP) [Y/m/n/?]
    Special RSVP classifier for IPv6 (CONFIG_NET_CLS_RSVP6) [N/y/m/?]
    Traffic policing (needed for in/egress) (CONFIG_NET_CLS_POLICE) [Y/n/?]
* Network testing
Packet Generator (USE WITH CAUTION) (CONFIG_NET_PKTGEN) [M/n/y/?]
* Telephony Support
Linux telephony support (CONFIG_PHONE) [N/y/m/?]
* ATA/IDE/MFM/RLL support
ATA/IDE/MFM/RLL support (CONFIG_IDE) [Y/m/n/?]
* IDE, ATA and ATAPI Block devices
Enhanced IDE/MFM/RLL disk/cdrom/tape/floppy support (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDE) [Y/m/n/?]
* Please see Documentation/ide.txt for help/info on IDE drives
  Use old disk-only driver on primary interface (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_HD_IDE) [N/y/?]
  Include IDE/ATA-2 DISK support (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDEDISK) [Y/m/n/?]
    Use multi-mode by default (CONFIG_IDEDISK_MULTI_MODE) [Y/n/?]
    Auto-Geometry Resizing support (CONFIG_IDEDISK_STROKE) [N/y/?]
  Include IDE/ATAPI CDROM support (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDECD) [Y/m/n/?]
  Include IDE/ATAPI TAPE support (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDETAPE) [N/y/m/?]
  IDE Taskfile Access (CONFIG_IDE_TASK_IOCTL) [N/y/?]
* IDE chipset support/bugfixes
  CMD640 chipset bugfix/support (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_CMD640) [Y/n/?]
    CMD640 enhanced support (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_CMD640_ENHANCED) [N/y/?]
  PCI IDE chipset support (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDEPCI) [Y/n/?]
    Generic PCI IDE Chipset Support (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_GENERIC) [N/y/?] (NEW) ?

  Sorry, no help available for this option yet.

    Generic PCI IDE Chipset Support (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_GENERIC) [N/y/?] (NEW)
    Sharing PCI IDE interrupts support (CONFIG_IDEPCI_SHARE_IRQ) [Y/n/?]
    Generic PCI bus-master DMA support (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDEDMA_PCI) [Y/n/?]
    Boot off-board chipsets first support (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_OFFBOARD) [N/y/?]
      Force enable legacy 2.0.X HOSTS to use DMA (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDEDMA_FORCED) [N/y/?]
      Use PCI DMA by default when available (CONFIG_IDEDMA_PCI_AUTO) [Y/n/?]
    Enable DMA only for disks  (CONFIG_IDEDMA_ONLYDISK) [N/y/?]
      ATA Work(s) In Progress (EXPERIMENTAL) (CONFIG_IDEDMA_PCI_WIP) [N/y/?]
    Pacific Digital ADMA-100 basic support (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_ADMA100) [N/y/m/?] (NEW) ?

  Sorry, no help available for this option yet.

    Pacific Digital ADMA-100 basic support (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_ADMA100) [N/y/m/?] (NEW)
    AEC62XX chipset support (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_AEC62XX) [N/y/m/?]
    ALI M15x3 chipset support (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_ALI15X3) [N/y/m/?]
    AMD Viper support (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_AMD74XX) [N/y/m/?]
    CMD64{3|6|8|9} chipset support (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_CMD64X) [N/y/m/?]
    Compaq Triflex IDE support (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_TRIFLEX) [N/y/m/?] (NEW)
    CY82C693 chipset support (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_CY82C693) [N/y/m/?]
    Cyrix CS5530 MediaGX chipset support (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_CS5530) [N/y/m/?]
    HPT34X chipset support (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_HPT34X) [N/y/m/?]
    HPT36X/37X chipset support (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_HPT366) [N/y/m/?]
    Intel PIIXn chipsets support (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_PIIX) [Y/m/n/?]
    NS87415 chipset support (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_NS87415) [N/y/m/?]
    OPTi 82C621 chipset enhanced support (EXPERIMENTAL) (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_OPTI621) [N/y/m/?]
    PROMISE PDC202{46|62|65|67} support (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_PDC202XX_OLD) [N/y/m/?] (NEW) ?


  Promise Ultra33 or PDC20246
  Promise Ultra66 or PDC20262
  Promise Ultra100 or PDC20265/PDC20267/PDC20268

  This driver adds up to 4 more EIDE devices sharing a single
  interrupt. This add-on card is a bootable PCI UDMA controller. Since
  multiple cards can be installed and there are BIOS ROM problems that
  happen if the BIOS revisions of all installed cards (three-max) do
  not match, the driver attempts to do dynamic tuning of the chipset
  at boot-time for max-speed.  Ultra33 BIOS 1.25 or newer is required
  for more than one card. This card may require that you say Y to
  "Special UDMA Feature".

  If you say Y here, you need to say Y to "Use DMA by default when
  available" as well.

  Please read the comments at the top of

    PROMISE PDC202{46|62|65|67} support (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_PDC202XX_OLD) [N/y/m/?] (NEW) n
    PROMISE PDC202{68|69|70|71|75|76|77} support (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_PDC202XX_NEW) [N/y/m/?] (NEW) n
    RZ1000 chipset bugfix/support (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_RZ1000) [Y/m/n/?]
    SCx200 chipset support (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SC1200) [N/y/m/?] (NEW) n
    ServerWorks OSB4/CSB5/CSB6 chipsets support (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SVWKS) [N/y/m/?]
    Silicon Image chipset support (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SIIMAGE) [N/y/m/?] (NEW) n
    SiS5513 chipset support (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SIS5513) [N/y/m/?]
    SLC90E66 chipset support (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SLC90E66) [N/y/m/?]
    Tekram TRM290 chipset support (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_TRM290) [N/y/m/?]
    VIA82CXXX chipset support (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_VIA82CXXX) [N/y/m/?]
  Other IDE chipset support (CONFIG_IDE_CHIPSETS) [N/y/?]
  IGNORE word93 Validation BITS (CONFIG_IDEDMA_IVB) [N/y/?]
Support for IDE Raid controllers (EXPERIMENTAL) (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_ATARAID) [N/y/m/?]
* SCSI support
SCSI support (CONFIG_SCSI) [N/y/m/?]
* Fusion MPT device support
* IEEE 1394 (FireWire) support (EXPERIMENTAL)
IEEE 1394 (FireWire) support (EXPERIMENTAL) (CONFIG_IEEE1394) [N/y/m/?]
* I2O device support
I2O support (CONFIG_I2O) [N/y/m/?]
* Network device support
Network device support (CONFIG_NETDEVICES) [Y/n/?]
* ARCnet devices
ARCnet support (CONFIG_ARCNET) [N/y/m/?]
Dummy net driver support (CONFIG_DUMMY) [M/n/y/?]
Bonding driver support (CONFIG_BONDING) [N/y/m/?]
EQL (serial line load balancing) support (CONFIG_EQUALIZER) [N/y/m/?]
Universal TUN/TAP device driver support (CONFIG_TUN) [N/y/m/?]
Ethertap network tap (OBSOLETE) (CONFIG_ETHERTAP) [N/y/m/?]
General Instruments Surfboard 1000 (CONFIG_NET_SB1000) [N/y/m/?]
* Ethernet (10 or 100Mbit)
Ethernet (10 or 100Mbit) (CONFIG_NET_ETHERNET) [Y/n/?]
  Sun Happy Meal 10/100baseT support (CONFIG_HAPPYMEAL) [N/y/m/?]
  Sun GEM & Apple GMAC support (CONFIG_SUNGEM) [N/y/m/?]
  3COM cards (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_3COM) [N/y/?]
  AMD LANCE and PCnet (AT1500 and NE2100) support (CONFIG_LANCE) [N/y/m/?]
  Western Digital/SMC cards (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_SMC) [N/y/?]
  Racal-Interlan (Micom) NI cards (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_RACAL) [N/y/?]
  AT1700/1720 support (EXPERIMENTAL) (CONFIG_AT1700) [N/y/m/?]
  DEPCA, DE10x, DE200, DE201, DE202, DE422 support (CONFIG_DEPCA) [N/y/m/?]
  HP 10/100VG PCLAN (ISA, EISA, PCI) support (CONFIG_HP100) [N/y/m/?]
  Other ISA cards (CONFIG_NET_ISA) [N/y/?]
  EISA, VLB, PCI and on board controllers (CONFIG_NET_PCI) [Y/n/?]
    AMD PCnet32 PCI support (CONFIG_PCNET32) [N/y/m/?]
    AMD 8111 (new PCI lance) support (CONFIG_AMD8111_ETH) [N/y/m/?] (NEW) n
    Adaptec Starfire/DuraLAN support (CONFIG_ADAPTEC_STARFIRE) [N/y/m/?]
    Ansel Communications EISA 3200 support (EXPERIMENTAL) (CONFIG_AC3200) [N/y/m/?]
    Apricot Xen-II on board Ethernet (CONFIG_APRICOT) [N/y/m/?]
    CS89x0 support (CONFIG_CS89x0) [N/y/m/?]
    DECchip Tulip (dc21x4x) PCI support (CONFIG_TULIP) [N/y/m/?]
    Generic DECchip & DIGITAL EtherWORKS PCI/EISA (CONFIG_DE4X5) [N/y/m/?]
    Digi Intl. RightSwitch SE-X support (CONFIG_DGRS) [N/y/m/?]
    Davicom DM910x/DM980x support (CONFIG_DM9102) [N/y/m/?]
    EtherExpressPro/100 support (eepro100, original Becker driver) (CONFIG_EEPRO100) [Y/m/n/?]
      Use PIO instead of MMIO (CONFIG_EEPRO100_PIO) [N/y/?] (NEW) n
    EtherExpressPro/100 support (e100, Alternate Intel driver) (CONFIG_E100) [N/y/m/?]
    Myson MTD-8xx PCI Ethernet support (CONFIG_FEALNX) [N/y/m/?]
    National Semiconductor DP8381x series PCI Ethernet support (CONFIG_NATSEMI) [N/y/m/?]
    PCI NE2000 and clones support (see help) (CONFIG_NE2K_PCI) [N/y/m/?]
    RealTek RTL-8139 C+ PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter support (EXPERIMENTAL) (CONFIG_8139CP) [N/y/m/?]
    RealTek RTL-8139 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter support (CONFIG_8139TOO) [N/y/m/?]
    SiS 900/7016 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter support (CONFIG_SIS900) [N/y/m/?]
    SMC EtherPower II (CONFIG_EPIC100) [N/y/m/?]
    Sundance Alta support (CONFIG_SUNDANCE) [N/y/m/?]
    TI ThunderLAN support (CONFIG_TLAN) [N/y/m/?]
    TOSHIBA TC35815 Ethernet support (CONFIG_TC35815) [N/y/m/?]
    VIA Rhine support (CONFIG_VIA_RHINE) [N/y/m/?]
    Winbond W89c840 Ethernet support (CONFIG_WINBOND_840) [N/y/m/?]
  Pocket and portable adapters (CONFIG_NET_POCKET) [N/y/?]
* Ethernet (1000 Mbit)
Alteon AceNIC/3Com 3C985/NetGear GA620 Gigabit support (CONFIG_ACENIC) [N/y/m/?]
D-Link DL2000-based Gigabit Ethernet support (CONFIG_DL2K) [N/y/m/?]
Intel(R) PRO/1000 Gigabit Ethernet support (CONFIG_E1000) [N/y/m/?]
National Semiconductor DP83820 support (CONFIG_NS83820) [N/y/m/?]
Packet Engines Hamachi GNIC-II support (CONFIG_HAMACHI) [N/y/m/?]
Packet Engines Yellowfin Gigabit-NIC support (EXPERIMENTAL) (CONFIG_YELLOWFIN) [N/y/m/?]
Realtek 8169 Gigabit Ethernet support (CONFIG_R8169) [N/y/m/?] (NEW) n
SysKonnect SK-98xx and SK-95xx Gigabit Ethernet Adapter family support (CONFIG_SK98LIN) [N/y/m/?]
Broadcom Tigon3 support (CONFIG_TIGON3) [N/y/m/?]
FDDI driver support (CONFIG_FDDI) [N/y/?]
HIPPI driver support (EXPERIMENTAL) (CONFIG_HIPPI) [N/y/?]
PLIP (parallel port) support (CONFIG_PLIP) [N/m/?]
PPP (point-to-point protocol) support (CONFIG_PPP) [Y/m/n/?]
  PPP multilink support (EXPERIMENTAL) (CONFIG_PPP_MULTILINK) [N/y/?]
  PPP support for async serial ports (CONFIG_PPP_ASYNC) [N/y/m/?]
  PPP support for sync tty ports (CONFIG_PPP_SYNC_TTY) [N/y/m/?]
  PPP Deflate compression (CONFIG_PPP_DEFLATE) [N/y/m/?]
  PPP BSD-Compress compression (CONFIG_PPP_BSDCOMP) [N/y/m/?]
  PPP over Ethernet (EXPERIMENTAL) (CONFIG_PPPOE) [N/y/m/?]
SLIP (serial line) support (CONFIG_SLIP) [N/y/m/?]
* Wireless LAN (non-hamradio)
Wireless LAN (non-hamradio) (CONFIG_NET_RADIO) [N/y/?]
* Token Ring devices
Token Ring driver support (CONFIG_TR) [N/y/?]
Fibre Channel driver support (CONFIG_NET_FC) [N/y/?]
Red Creek Hardware VPN (EXPERIMENTAL) (CONFIG_RCPCI) [N/y/m/?]
Traffic Shaper (EXPERIMENTAL) (CONFIG_SHAPER) [M/n/y/?]
* Wan interfaces
Wan interfaces support (CONFIG_WAN) [N/y/?]
* Amateur Radio support
Amateur Radio support (CONFIG_HAMRADIO) [N/y/?]
* IrDA (infrared) support
IrDA subsystem support (CONFIG_IRDA) [N/y/m/?]
* ISDN subsystem
ISDN support (CONFIG_ISDN) [N/y/m/?]
* Old CD-ROM drivers (not SCSI, not IDE)
* Input core support
Input core support (CONFIG_INPUT) [N/y/m/?]
* Character devices
Virtual terminal (CONFIG_VT) [Y/n/?]
  Support for console on virtual terminal (CONFIG_VT_CONSOLE) [Y/n/?]
Standard/generic (8250/16550 and compatible UARTs) serial support (CONFIG_SERIAL) [Y/m/n/?]
  Support for console on serial port (CONFIG_SERIAL_CONSOLE) [N/y/?]
Extended dumb serial driver options (CONFIG_SERIAL_EXTENDED) [N/y/?]
Non-standard serial port support (CONFIG_SERIAL_NONSTANDARD) [N/y/?]
Unix98 PTY support (CONFIG_UNIX98_PTYS) [Y/n/?]
Maximum number of Unix98 PTYs in use (0-2048) (CONFIG_UNIX98_PTY_COUNT) [256]
Parallel printer support (CONFIG_PRINTER) [N/m/?]
Support for user-space parallel port device drivers (CONFIG_PPDEV) [N/m/?]
Texas Instruments parallel link cable support (CONFIG_TIPAR) [N/m/?] (NEW) n
* I2C support
I2C support (CONFIG_I2C) [N/y/m/?]
* Mice
Bus Mouse Support (CONFIG_BUSMOUSE) [N/y/m/?]
Mouse Support (not serial and bus mice) (CONFIG_MOUSE) [Y/m/n/?]
  PS/2 mouse (aka "auxiliary device") support (CONFIG_PSMOUSE) [Y/n/?]
  C&T 82C710 mouse port support (as on TI Travelmate) (CONFIG_82C710_MOUSE) [N/y/m/?]
  PC110 digitizer pad support (CONFIG_PC110_PAD) [N/y/m/?]
  MK712 touch screen support (CONFIG_MK712_MOUSE) [N/y/m/?]
* Joysticks
* Input core support is needed for gameports
* Input core support is needed for joysticks
QIC-02 tape support (CONFIG_QIC02_TAPE) [N/y/m/?]
IPMI top-level message handler (CONFIG_IPMI_HANDLER) [N/y/m/?] (NEW) n
* Watchdog Cards
Watchdog Timer Support (CONFIG_WATCHDOG) [N/y/?]
NatSemi SCx200 GPIO Support (CONFIG_SCx200_GPIO) [N/y/m/?] (NEW) n
AMD 768/8111 Random Number Generator support (CONFIG_AMD_RNG) [N/y/m/?]
Intel i8x0 Random Number Generator support (CONFIG_INTEL_RNG) [N/y/m/?]
AMD 76x native power management (Experimental) (CONFIG_AMD_PM768) [N/y/m/?]
/dev/nvram support (CONFIG_NVRAM) [N/y/m/?]
Enhanced Real Time Clock Support (CONFIG_RTC) [Y/m/n/?]
Double Talk PC internal speech card support (CONFIG_DTLK) [N/y/m/?]
Siemens R3964 line discipline (CONFIG_R3964) [N/y/m/?]
Applicom intelligent fieldbus card support (CONFIG_APPLICOM) [N/y/m/?]
Sony Vaio Programmable I/O Control Device support (EXPERIMENTAL) (CONFIG_SONYPI) [N/y/m/?]
* Ftape, the floppy tape device driver
Ftape (QIC-80/Travan) support (CONFIG_FTAPE) [N/y/m/?]
/dev/agpgart (AGP Support) (CONFIG_AGP) [Y/m/n/?]
  Intel 440LX/BX/GX and I815/I820/I830M/I830MP/I840/I845/I850/I860 support (CONFIG_AGP_INTEL) [Y/n/?]
  Intel I810/I815/I830M (on-board) support (CONFIG_AGP_I810) [Y/n/?]
  VIA chipset support (CONFIG_AGP_VIA) [Y/n/?]
  AMD Irongate, 761, and 762 support (CONFIG_AGP_AMD) [Y/n/?]
  AMD 8151 support (CONFIG_AGP_AMD_8151) [N/y/?]
  Generic SiS support (CONFIG_AGP_SIS) [Y/n/?]
  ALI chipset support (CONFIG_AGP_ALI) [Y/n/?]
  Serverworks LE/HE support (CONFIG_AGP_SWORKS) [N/y/?]
Direct Rendering Manager (XFree86 DRI support) (CONFIG_DRM) [Y/n/?]
  Build drivers for old (XFree 4.0) DRM (CONFIG_DRM_OLD) [N/y/?]
* DRM 4.1 drivers
  3dfx Banshee/Voodoo3+ (CONFIG_DRM_TDFX) [Y/m/n/?]
  ATI Rage 128 (CONFIG_DRM_R128) [N/y/m/?]
  ATI Radeon (CONFIG_DRM_RADEON) [Y/m/n/?]
  Intel I810 (CONFIG_DRM_I810) [N/y/m/?]
  Intel 830M (CONFIG_DRM_I830) [N/y/m/?]
  Matrox g200/g400 (CONFIG_DRM_MGA) [N/y/m/?]
  SiS (CONFIG_DRM_SIS) [N/y/m/?]
ACP Modem (Mwave) support (CONFIG_MWAVE) [N/y/m/?]
* Multimedia devices
Video For Linux (CONFIG_VIDEO_DEV) [N/y/m/?]
* File systems
Quota support (CONFIG_QUOTA) [Y/n/?]
Kernel automounter support (CONFIG_AUTOFS_FS) [N/y/m/?]
Kernel automounter version 4 support (also supports v3) (CONFIG_AUTOFS4_FS) [N/y/m/?]
Reiserfs support (CONFIG_REISERFS_FS) [N/y/m/?]
ADFS file system support (EXPERIMENTAL) (CONFIG_ADFS_FS) [N/y/m/?]
Amiga FFS file system support (EXPERIMENTAL) (CONFIG_AFFS_FS) [N/y/m/?]
Apple Macintosh file system support (EXPERIMENTAL) (CONFIG_HFS_FS) [N/y/m/?]
BeOS file systemv(BeFS) support (read only) (EXPERIMENTAL) (CONFIG_BEFS_FS) [N/y/m/?]
BFS file system support (EXPERIMENTAL) (CONFIG_BFS_FS) [N/y/m/?]
Ext3 journalling file system support (CONFIG_EXT3_FS) [Y/m/n/?]
  JBD (ext3) debugging support (CONFIG_JBD_DEBUG) [N/y/?]
DOS FAT fs support (CONFIG_FAT_FS) [Y/m/n/?]
  MSDOS fs support (CONFIG_MSDOS_FS) [Y/m/n/?]
    UMSDOS: Unix-like file system on top of standard MSDOS fs (CONFIG_UMSDOS_FS) [N/y/m/?]
  VFAT (Windows-95) fs support (CONFIG_VFAT_FS) [Y/m/n/?]
EFS file system support (read only) (EXPERIMENTAL) (CONFIG_EFS_FS) [N/y/m/?]
Compressed ROM file system support (CONFIG_CRAMFS) [N/y/m/?]
Virtual memory file system support (former shm fs) (CONFIG_TMPFS) [Y/n/?]
ISO 9660 CDROM file system support (CONFIG_ISO9660_FS) [Y/m/n/?]
  Microsoft Joliet CDROM extensions (CONFIG_JOLIET) [Y/n/?]
  Transparent decompression extension (CONFIG_ZISOFS) [N/y/?]
JFS filesystem support (CONFIG_JFS_FS) [M/n/y/?]
  JFS debugging (CONFIG_JFS_DEBUG) [N/y/?]
  JFS statistics (CONFIG_JFS_STATISTICS) [N/y/?]
Minix fs support (CONFIG_MINIX_FS) [Y/m/n/?]
FreeVxFS file system support (VERITAS VxFS(TM) compatible) (CONFIG_VXFS_FS) [N/y/m/?]
NTFS file system support (read only) (CONFIG_NTFS_FS) [Y/m/n/?]
  NTFS write support (DANGEROUS) (CONFIG_NTFS_RW) [Y/n/?]
OS/2 HPFS file system support (CONFIG_HPFS_FS) [N/y/m/?]
/proc file system support (CONFIG_PROC_FS) [Y/n/?]
/dev file system support (EXPERIMENTAL) (CONFIG_DEVFS_FS) [N/y/?]
/dev/pts file system for Unix98 PTYs (CONFIG_DEVPTS_FS) [Y/n/?]
QNX4 file system support (read only) (CONFIG_QNX4FS_FS) [N/y/m/?]
ROM file system support (CONFIG_ROMFS_FS) [N/y/m/?]
Second extended fs support (CONFIG_EXT2_FS) [Y/m/n/?]
System V/Xenix/V7/Coherent file system support (CONFIG_SYSV_FS) [N/y/m/?]
UDF file system support (read only) (CONFIG_UDF_FS) [N/y/m/?]
UFS file system support (read only) (CONFIG_UFS_FS) [N/y/m/?]
* Network File Systems
Coda file system support (advanced network fs) (CONFIG_CODA_FS) [N/y/m/?]
InterMezzo file system support (replicating fs) (EXPERIMENTAL) (CONFIG_INTERMEZZO_FS) [N/y/m/?]
NFS file system support (CONFIG_NFS_FS) [Y/m/n/?]
  Provide NFSv3 client support (CONFIG_NFS_V3) [Y/n/?]
NFS server support (CONFIG_NFSD) [Y/m/n/?]
  Provide NFSv3 server support (CONFIG_NFSD_V3) [Y/n/?]
  Provide NFS server over TCP support (EXPERIMENTAL) (CONFIG_NFSD_TCP) [N/y/?]
SMB file system support (to mount Windows shares etc.) (CONFIG_SMB_FS) [Y/m/n/?]
  Use a default NLS (CONFIG_SMB_NLS_DEFAULT) [Y/n/?]
    Default Remote NLS Option (CONFIG_SMB_NLS_REMOTE) [cp437]
NCP file system support (to mount NetWare volumes) (CONFIG_NCP_FS) [N/y/m/?]
* Partition Types
Advanced partition selection (CONFIG_PARTITION_ADVANCED) [N/y/?]
* Native Language Support
Default NLS Option (CONFIG_NLS_DEFAULT) [iso8859-1]
Codepage 437 (United States, Canada) (CONFIG_NLS_CODEPAGE_437) [M/n/y/?]
Codepage 737 (Greek) (CONFIG_NLS_CODEPAGE_737) [M/n/y/?]
Codepage 775 (Baltic Rim) (CONFIG_NLS_CODEPAGE_775) [M/n/y/?]
Codepage 850 (Europe) (CONFIG_NLS_CODEPAGE_850) [M/n/y/?]
Codepage 852 (Central/Eastern Europe) (CONFIG_NLS_CODEPAGE_852) [M/n/y/?]
Codepage 855 (Cyrillic) (CONFIG_NLS_CODEPAGE_855) [M/n/y/?]
Codepage 857 (Turkish) (CONFIG_NLS_CODEPAGE_857) [M/n/y/?]
Codepage 860 (Portuguese) (CONFIG_NLS_CODEPAGE_860) [M/n/y/?]
Codepage 861 (Icelandic) (CONFIG_NLS_CODEPAGE_861) [M/n/y/?]
Codepage 862 (Hebrew) (CONFIG_NLS_CODEPAGE_862) [M/n/y/?]
Codepage 863 (Canadian French) (CONFIG_NLS_CODEPAGE_863) [M/n/y/?]
Codepage 864 (Arabic) (CONFIG_NLS_CODEPAGE_864) [M/n/y/?]
Codepage 865 (Norwegian, Danish) (CONFIG_NLS_CODEPAGE_865) [M/n/y/?]
Codepage 866 (Cyrillic/Russian) (CONFIG_NLS_CODEPAGE_866) [M/n/y/?]
Codepage 869 (Greek) (CONFIG_NLS_CODEPAGE_869) [M/n/y/?]
Simplified Chinese charset (CP936, GB2312) (CONFIG_NLS_CODEPAGE_936) [M/n/y/?]
Traditional Chinese charset (Big5) (CONFIG_NLS_CODEPAGE_950) [M/n/y/?]
Japanese charsets (Shift-JIS, EUC-JP) (CONFIG_NLS_CODEPAGE_932) [M/n/y/?]
Korean charset (CP949, EUC-KR) (CONFIG_NLS_CODEPAGE_949) [M/n/y/?]
Thai charset (CP874, TIS-620) (CONFIG_NLS_CODEPAGE_874) [M/n/y/?]
Hebrew charsets (ISO-8859-8, CP1255) (CONFIG_NLS_ISO8859_8) [M/n/y/?]
Windows CP1250 (Slavic/Central European Languages) (CONFIG_NLS_CODEPAGE_1250) [M/n/y/?]
Windows CP1251 (Bulgarian, Belarusian) (CONFIG_NLS_CODEPAGE_1251) [M/n/y/?]
NLS ISO 8859-1  (Latin 1; Western European Languages) (CONFIG_NLS_ISO8859_1) [Y/m/n/?]
NLS ISO 8859-2  (Latin 2; Slavic/Central European Languages) (CONFIG_NLS_ISO8859_2) [M/n/y/?]
NLS ISO 8859-3  (Latin 3; Esperanto, Galician, Maltese, Turkish) (CONFIG_NLS_ISO8859_3) [M/n/y/?]
NLS ISO 8859-4  (Latin 4; old Baltic charset) (CONFIG_NLS_ISO8859_4) [M/n/y/?]
NLS ISO 8859-5  (Cyrillic) (CONFIG_NLS_ISO8859_5) [M/n/y/?]
NLS ISO 8859-6  (Arabic) (CONFIG_NLS_ISO8859_6) [M/n/y/?]
NLS ISO 8859-7  (Modern Greek) (CONFIG_NLS_ISO8859_7) [M/n/y/?]
NLS ISO 8859-9  (Latin 5; Turkish) (CONFIG_NLS_ISO8859_9) [M/n/y/?]
NLS ISO 8859-13 (Latin 7; Baltic) (CONFIG_NLS_ISO8859_13) [M/n/y/?]
NLS ISO 8859-14 (Latin 8; Celtic) (CONFIG_NLS_ISO8859_14) [M/n/y/?]
NLS ISO 8859-15 (Latin 9; Western European Languages with Euro) (CONFIG_NLS_ISO8859_15) [M/n/y/?]
NLS KOI8-R (Russian) (CONFIG_NLS_KOI8_R) [M/n/y/?]
NLS KOI8-U/RU (Ukrainian, Belarusian) (CONFIG_NLS_KOI8_U) [M/n/y/?]
* Console drivers
VGA text console (CONFIG_VGA_CONSOLE) [Y/n/?]
Video mode selection support (CONFIG_VIDEO_SELECT) [N/y/?]
MDA text console (dual-headed) (EXPERIMENTAL) (CONFIG_MDA_CONSOLE) [N/y/m/?]
* Frame-buffer support
Support for frame buffer devices (EXPERIMENTAL) (CONFIG_FB) [N/y/?]
* Sound
Sound card support (CONFIG_SOUND) [N/y/m/?]
* USB support
Support for USB (CONFIG_USB) [N/y/m/?]
* Bluetooth support
Bluetooth subsystem support (CONFIG_BLUEZ) [N/y/m/?]
* Security options
Non-executable user stack area (CONFIG_HARDEN_STACK) [Y/n/?]
  Autodetect and emulate GCC trampolines (CONFIG_HARDEN_STACK_SMART) [Y/n/?]
Restricted links in /tmp (CONFIG_HARDEN_LINK) [Y/n/?]
Restricted FIFOs in /tmp (CONFIG_HARDEN_FIFO) [Y/n/?]
Restricted /proc (CONFIG_HARDEN_PROC) [N/y/?]
Destroy shared memory segments not in use (CONFIG_HARDEN_SHM) [Y/n/?]
* Kernel hacking
Kernel debugging (CONFIG_DEBUG_KERNEL) [N/y/?]
* Library routines
zlib decompression support (CONFIG_ZLIB_INFLATE) [M/n/y/?]
zlib compression support (CONFIG_ZLIB_DEFLATE) [M/n/y/?]

*** End of Linux kernel configuration.
*** Check the top-level Makefile for additional configuration.
*** Next, you must run 'make dep'.