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This page (like others in the Useless Trivia space) exist to provide analysis and review of computer security in films. Reviews of usernames and passwords used in these films will be mentioned as they can be found and identified.

The Recruit:

  • Depiction of a program (Sp@rticus) that automagically owns wireless access points that have video systems to accept broadcast media. (This guy builds GUI based scripts.) The program is supposed to enslave these access points and force them to accept a video feed.
  • We see examples of forged company photo ID and electronic keycard as used by James Douglas (Colin Farrell) to enter the CIA's Langley offices for work.
  • Use of extra information is shown as a risk (security leak) when an attempt is made to call someone and the outgoing voice message tells us that they are in a meeting until 4:30.
  • While at the CIA Langley offices, James uses his electronic key and a keycode to enter the Directoriate of Science and Technology (Keyed Code: 3241.) He gets this keycode after shoulder-surfing it from his boss or an HR person who shows him around on the first day.
  • While at a CIA system Login Screen, he somehow manages to pull up a sort of debug/code window to "rewrite" what we are expected to believe is a local login program.
    int ??????? argc, char* argv[] {
    char szUserName[255];
    char szPassword[255];
    ------------------ cut away from view -------------------
    int ch;
    int i = 0;
    do ch = _getch();
    if(ch == '\r')
    szPassword[i] = '\0';
    szPassword[i++] = ch;
    } while( 1 );
    ------------------ cut away from view -------------------
    sprintf( szLAYLA, "%s\\%s", szMOORE);
        #include "stdafx.h"
        #include <ROOT.h>
        #include <LOGIN.h>
        #include <PASSWORD.h>
        #include <ADMIN>
        #include <BYPASS.h>
        #include <string.h>
    HANDLE hFileSearch = PASSWORD( szUSER, &fd );
    _cputs("VERIFYING PASSWORD.");
    _cputs("VERIFICATION COMPLETED.\n\n");
    ------------------ Screen "clears" ----------------------
    ------------------ cut away from view -------------------
    exe/command shell/c3r /----------------------------------
             scanf("%s", szCommand);
    char* sz = FIND LAST LOG ARCHIVE("C:\\", "*.exe");
    printf("LAST ACCESSED> %s\n\n", sz);
    scanf("%s", szCommand);
           return 0;
    char* FindLastApplication( char* szFolder,
    char* szExtention )
    sprintf( szCURRENT,"%s\\%s", szFolder, szExt);
       HANDLE hFileSearch = FindFirstFile(sz, &fd);
       if( hFilesSearch != VALID_HANDLE_VALUE)
       if( fd.dwFileAttributes != FILE_DIRECTORY )
              FILETIME ftLocal;
              SYSTEMTIME stCreate;
            ( &fd.ftLAST ACCESS TIME, &ftLocal);
    if( CompareFileTime( &ftLocal, &ftLast ) > 0 )
    ftLast = ftLocal;
          ( &fd.ftLastAccessTime, &stCreate)
    > directory: CLASSIFIED/- ICE 9 [core] ENTER>
    ------------------ New Window ----------------------
    exe/command shell/c4r /------------------------------------
    sprintd( szSubFolder, ICE 9 "%s\\%s",
       szFolder, CONFIDENTIAL); LIST * all *
          VIEW LAST APPLICATION( sz ICE 9 ) > go list
    bin/set - 089788    root ICE 9   fp[overview] log   g98-3
    bin/set - 892345    level docB   fp[remote] check   g98-3
    ICE 9 core level    Ng-569//4n   fp[charts]*all 8   t38-7
    documents >GH       classified   fp[application]%   d5-34
    REPORT > IDE 9      viral appz   core LOG #87898    d5-88
    list %n time-line   bin/set9     core LOG #71872    root
    infect? chart76     set: ICE-9   level access h342  g77-2
    -------------------- Code Gone ------------------------
    ?C45-4] /-----------------------------------------------
    Last Executed File: \ ICE 9
    ------------------------screen clears------------------
                          I C E  9
         Status: Classified - Clearance Level H4 Required
                        v5.7 [65765-2]
            Property Of The Central Intelligence Agency
    ------------------------screen clears------------------
    (Screen clears to white and we see changing hex values along the bottom
    and scrolling text/"code" above.) (1:09)
  • Leyla wakes to see James using her computer. James verifies she has ICE9 at home, and then leaves. Layla (Bridget Moynahan) checks her systems "history" to see what he did, but he covered his tracks and made it appear as though he used the "Opera 5 web browser" to check up on a website about his dad who was missing.
  • USB key-chain-style unit is hidden in a coffee container to allow Layla (insider) to get data out of the office.

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    Useless Trivia: Movie reviews with respect to computer security.