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This page (like others in the Useless Trivia space) exist to provide analysis and review of computer security in films. Reviews of usernames and passwords used in these films will be mentioned as they can be found and identified.

The Pelican Brief: Suspense, Mystery, Conspiracy

I could find no unauthorized access to computer systems in this film, but there was plenty of social engineering.

Darby Shaw (Julia Roberts) knows people are trying to track her moves, so she enrolls the help of he friend Alice to spread stories about going back to visit a relative in Nebraska. Later, we see Alice at the funeral service/ceremony telling people about Darby's decision to go visit a relative in Colorado. (Yes, the state names was changed.) This was an example of using others to pass information that you want them to know to redirect their attention elsewhere.

Darby and Gray Grantham (Denzel Washington) wish to interview Edward Linney (Peter Carlin), a patient of a mental hospital, to identify a person in a photo. The hospital does not grant visits except on the weekends and to family members. Gray arrives at the front desk and runs interference by asking the lone administrative assistant to get her administrator so he can discuss visitation. Once the administrative assistant leaves, Gray motions to Darby that the coast is clear. Darby then walks passed the unstaffed check-in desk to gain access to the patient.

After a confirmed ID from Edward Linney, Gray and Darby seek to interview Curtis. In order to gain access to Curtis Morgan (Jake Weber), Darby claims to be from another law firm or business and acts like she has an appointment with Curtis. However, this attempt fails, since Curtis Morgan is dead. (Oops!) After being questioned on her presence and asked for her ID, she provides a good cleanup by taking the offensive and claiming to having been treated poorly. At this point she leaves instead of being taken captive.

After Gray gains access to a key to Curtis' personal box (616) safe at a bank, Darby pretends to be Curtis' widowed wife. (Since she and Gray know that the wife has never been to the bank, she can be assured no visual memory of what Curtis' wife really looks like.) The bank teller who works on vault boxes asks Darby a few personal questions (public information about Curtis Darby) like his name, address, Phone Number, name of person who rented the box (Curtis Morgan) and his SSN. No ID is requested.

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