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This page (like others in the Useless Trivia space) exist to provide analysis and review of computer security in films. Reviews of usernames and passwords used in these films will be mentioned as they can be found and identified.

The Matrix (Part 1): Action, Special Effects

No passcodes/passwords for computer access in the movie! (Bummer!)

Trace to Trinity:

Phone number trace to Trinity at start of movie: "555 0690"

Side note:

Why is there a system failure in the Matrix at the end during the last call
trace at the end of the movie?
The Matrix is not Y2K compliant! (joke)


Call trans opt: received. 9-18-99 13:32:21 REC:Log>
WARNING: carrier anomaly
Trace program running
(numbers passing by, then halt)

(These don't really even count - web hype contest)

http://hackthematrix.warnerbros.com/ was the site that had it. It may still be there.

They want you to look at the keyboard and see the codes that are revealed, then click on the keyboard anywhere and a new window is spawned for you to enter that code before you see the next page. If you want to see that authentication page: http://whatisthematrix.warnerbros.com/cmp/accessTWO.html is available for you.

http://hackthematrix.warnerbros.com/mainframe.html is the main frame from which you can look at the source you see a javascript function that is called based on the coordinate for http://whatisthematrix.warnerbros.com/cmp/accessTWO.html.

Going to that page allows you to view source and see yet another collection of references relative URLs/links. Pulling from that page we have (converted to absolute URLs:) (Most of the rest of the javascript is used to do that nifty rollover with onmousehover junk.)

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Useless Trivia: Movie reviews with respect to computer security.