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This page (like others in the Useless Trivia space) exist to provide analysis and review of computer security in films. Reviews of usernames and passwords used in these films will be mentioned as they can be found and identified.

Ghost in the Shell: Anime

Only one scene where text based authentication was used

In a part of the movie, the driver and support officer is suspicious of
two cars and historical occupants. He calls up video of the vehicle's
occupants walking into the building, but notices the automatic doors remain
open 3 seconds longer than they should. He then tries to access a system
that records pressure in the floor and finds too much weight was recorded
as the occupants passed over them. He determined there were other invisible
people included with the two vehicle occupants and raises alarm.
In order to gain access to the system that recorded pressure on floor plates,
he had to authenticate himself: (case sensitive example)

Welcome to Section No9
Login: togusa
Password: ........,

This is onscreen, and we would expect "." were echoed back for each char typed,
but cannot be certain. We do know his username, and have a guess on the length
of the password. The "," at the end is odd however.

I can include more system security here, but there were no other onscreen
password AFAIK.

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Useless Trivia: Movie reviews with respect to computer security.