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This page (like others in the Useless Trivia space) exist to provide analysis and review of computer security in films. Reviews of usernames and passwords used in these films will be mentioned as they can be found and identified.

GATTACA: Futuristic SciFi/Drama

Through most of the movie, biometric authentication systems were used.

Blood samples from the finger are used to verify people entering through gates.
 (We presently do not have the technology necessary to scan through all of a
    single human's DNA to verify they are unique. Include identical twins, and
    cases for existence of mutation and cancer, and compare this to the brief
    less-than-a-second scan of the gates to produce a "ding" verifying the 
    human as "valid". We can compare DNA of one sample to another and
    approximate percent similarity, but this takes a lot of time, and generally
    only examines a finite number of "trace" or "key" items during the
 However, application of a false skin with a pocket of blood over the scanned
   finger is used by the fake "Jerome Morrow" (Vincent Anton) to pass through
   the gates and be scanned to be the person whose blood was in the pocket.
 Finger print may also be included in the scan, but was not shown as part of
   the process. If it was required, then the false skin could have the fake
   print too. (Work has been done with duplicating fingerprints to beat
   biometric fingerprint scanners, and proven to be rather effective.
  Even older attacks (Gummi Bear attack) can work on older systems while
    newer ones (Also referenced in the same place) use better technology
    and can be more effective on newer scanners.

Urine samples were required, and had to be offered in plain view of a doctor.
 To bypass this, special pouches were pre-attached to the inside leg with tubes
   to allow the wearer to hold the tube under their penis as they appeared to 
   urinate into a cup in front of a doctor.

Retinal scans were not really covered, but eye color was mentioned.
 To bypass eye-color scans, colored contact lenses could be used.
  To counter this, they could use special lights to check for the presence of 
    contact lenses.
   To counter this, lenses could be removed, and an alternate scan could be
     requested by the person and they could request a scan for which they
     have made preparations.

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