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This page (like others in the Useless Trivia space) exist to provide analysis and review of computer security in films. Reviews of usernames and passwords used in these films will be mentioned as they can be found and identified.

Akira: Anime

No passwords, passphrases or codes for computers found.

The film has one scene where keycards are required for entry past a checkpoint.
Five Cards are found and used by a subversive  group looking to gather information about government experimentation on humans. At the cardkey unit appears to be a handprint scanners and possibly other biometric scanners.

They mention the keycards are only valid for one week, and likely stole or
purchased them from other utility service employees illegally.

When the group uses the cards, the gate controller notes that they are not
expecting a cable replacement until next week.

(It is possible that a conversation took place before the part we see, but
there is risk the gatekeeper elicited information for the person trying to
gain access to use against the gatekeeper.)

The imposter attempting to gain access to the restricted area uses some
social engineering to convince the gatekeeper that cable has come in early
and he (the person trying to gain access) has vacation time coming up.

'If the cable is delayed beyond "today", then it will need to wait until later
and will cost them more money because the other employees will be on overtime.'

Not wanting to deal with risks of saying, "no," to this group and costing his
department money, and potentially getting himself in trouble, the gatekeeper
allows them to pass with the stolen key cards. (We expect the gatekeeper did
nor know they were stolen.)

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Useless Trivia: Movie reviews with respect to computer security.